Laboratory Management

Manage tests and results without stress.

Managing your laboratory can be easier than you imagine it to be. Our laboratory management module is designed to help you standardize your processes, increase operational efficiency and profitability for your Laboratory. With an automated system, your team can concentrate more on health related task within your laboratory.

The direction of patient’s care largely depends on test results from the laboratory, this is why it is important to ensure that operational efficiency is at its peak.

Setup tests as services so that they can be sold from the sales interface

Test can be setup like a normal service on the system so that they are easily sold from the point of sale, we have also created a dedicated test sales interface specifically designed to make fulfilling a test request a breeze.

Irrespective of how you sell your tests, the system keep track of them so that you can easily generate fast, accurate and timely test results that helps to improve patient's care.

Track the inventory of all consumables

With every test comes some consumable items, with our integrated inventory management, the system keeps track of the consumable items for every test completed.

Manage a list of all lab references

Lab references are required to generate a detailed test result, you can manage the list of reference items and keep them up-to-date.

Generate test results with ease

Easily generate test results, including all the necessary information that will provide guidance to other health care professionals.

Automatically integrates with patients health records

When you conduct a test, the patients medical records can be automatically update with the test and results.

Agent and referral Commission

When you get a referral from hospital and other health-care providers, you can incentives based on their input to their business, this ensures that the referrals keeps coming and your compensation is fair and efficient.

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