Production Management

Manage your production from start to finish.

Increase production efficiency and productivity with our production management module.

You can increase production efficiency by predefining the makeup of each product so that you can easily get to the main production process faster. You can also rely on the system to determine the cost of your products when the process complete. This cost is derived from the cost of all input raw materials involved.

If you would like to predefine the price of your end products even before production gets started, you can set selling price on each input items, this way not just the cost of each end product is calculated, the system also calculate the selling price of each end product. The systems also tracks each end product to be sure the prices are adjusted whenever the selling price of the raw material changes. This can also be automated.

A reverse process for a more flexible and convenient production

Sometimes when the end products cannot be predetermined, you might want to start off with a specific amount of raw materials and see where it leads. With our reverse production process, you are able to start production with a few raw materials and determine the products at the end.

Fast-track production with predefined product formulas

Set a predefined formula for you end product to make the process quicker. You can just select the required end product quantity and let the system determine the required input.

Manage inventory of your raw materials and end products

You can track the inventory of both product and raw material. You can treat you raw material just the way you treat any inventory item.

Calculate yield and cost of each production

After production is complete, you can view the production yield, duration and any waste. These can be factor that allow for a smarter production process in the future.

Manage your kitchen with a more flexible option

If you production needs is as simple as managing a kitchen, we got you covered. Kitchen management allows for a more relax process. You can choose to predetermine the required materials ahead of time or just start using them at will. At the end, the entire production process is just long session with a series of inputs and outputs over a specific length of time.

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