Account Management

Keep your books/business in perfect shape.

We believe that accounting is the soul of any system that involves finances. That is why we have built StoreApp on a solid accounting foundation. We took time to settle the accounting module before any other feature was added.

StoreApp is built on a double entry accounting principle. Every transaction is posted to the appropriate ledger under the hood. This means you don’t need to understand the jargons of accounting before you can use StoreApp. Just conduct your daily activities and let StoreApp handle the postings.

With StoreApp you can manage both cash and operational accounts, track payable and receivable accounts, manage expenses, maintain an up-to-date asset registry, control cash flow and view reports that show the general health of your business.

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Manage receivable and payable accounts

In business, it is normal to sell and purchase items on credit. This makes having receivable and payable accounts inevitable. StoreApp allows you to track these accounts and monitor their respective payments. You can view the balance of any account and generate a comprehensive statement as well.

Manage operational and cash accounts

Every business manages a few cash and operational accounts. While StoreApp features some operational account like sales, receivables & payables, purchases, cash book etc by default, you can create additional accounts for a more rounded accounting system.

Manage external income and expenditure

While StoreApp keeps track of every transaction and maintain the balance on each of your cash account. External expenditure and income can cause discrepancies in these balances, especially the ones in your bank account. This is why provision has been made to capture these external transactions for an up-to-date record.

Register and track all of your assets

You can register all of you assets with their respective depreciation of appreciation value. This will allow you the see the current value of your assets at any time.


You can manage all of your expenses.

Record all expenses under custom created headings. This will allow you to summarise your expenses for an overview of where your money is going.

Group related expenses under the same groups

You can categorize your expenses so that you can easily summarize and view an overview of your expenses

Multiple expenses under a single transaction

When you perform multi expenses at once, you can record them under the same transaction.

Maintain control of your cash

Cash is the most important liquid asset of your business, a business cannot thrive and survive without proper control over cash. An important part of your daily business activity is proper cash management - monitoring and recording cash flow and analysing cashier balance at all times.

As you mop-up cash from your sales, you periodically will need to have them taken to your different bank accounts. You can ensure that your cash gets to the bank with bank reconciliation.

StoreApp is equipped with an integrated cash monitoring system that makes it possible to analyse cashier balance while also keeping tabs on your daily expenses that involves cash. This gives you absolute control of the flow of cash in your business. Evacuated cash can be used to settle payments of expenses and items purchased simulteaneuosly.

Seamless integration

Credit sales, No problem!

Stay protected as you extend credit facilities to your VIP customers.

Set credit limits and account validity

Setting credit limits and validity protect you against abuse of credit facility, these limits can be set based on customer relationship.

Payment schedules and reminders

When your customers buy on credit, you can setup payment schedule with reminders so that you don’t forget to collect on an outstanding payments.

Set optional interest rate on credit sales

You can also set interest rates on credit sales, this allows you to treat the credit sales like a loan upon which an interest in payable.

* There is a ledger for every account, customer and suppliers. Your can generate a ledger of any account over a period of time to track every respective transactions.

Account Reports

StoreApp features key accounting reports that shows the health status of your business.

Cash flow statement

Cash flow statements summarises the amount of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving your business. Only transaction that involves cash can show up on your cash-flow statement.

Profit & Loss

The profit and loss statement summarises the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period. It shows you business’ ability or inability to generate profit by increasing revenue, reducing costs, or both.

Balance sheet

Balance sheet shows your assets, liabilities, and equity at a specific point in time. It also provides a snapshot of what you own and owe.

Trial balance

The trial balance ensures the your business’ bookkeeping is mathematically correct. The debits and credits include all your transactions over a certain period, including the sum of such accounts as assets, expenses, liabilities, and revenues.

Features at a glance

Here's all Account Management features

Double-entry Ledger

Receivable Accounts

Payable Accounts

Cash / Bank Account

Account Posting

Double Entry Ledger


Balance Sheet

Profit & Loss

Trial Balance

Financial Position

Cashflow Statement

Interest Mgt

Payment Schedule

Payment Reminder

Income / Revenue Mgt

Assets Mgt

Loan Management