Staff Management

Increase staff productivity and saved costs.

A successful business starts with a productive team. You build a productive workplace and grow your business with StoreApp staff management features.

A paperless record system

Storing employee records and managing their data removes the need for paper forms, files and filing cabinets. All information and records are right at you finger-tip. There is no chance of losing data. StoreApp allows you to keep personal details as well as referee / guarantor details.

Increase productivity with an activity tracking system

StoreApp has an integrated activity tracker the makes it possible to do Performance reviews, You keep track of these activities - sales, products dispensed, presales, general staff logs etc. All these make it possible grade your staff and measure their level of productivity to your business.

User Management with Roles

User management enables you admins to control user access to the many features of StoreApp. It defines the authentication process that prevents unwanted use of the system. Role management helps you manage authorization, which enables you to specify the resources that users in your business are allowed to access.


Your data is safe and protected against unauthorized access as you determine which member of your staff have access to any feature at any given time.


You are in control of you store. You have the power to know it all, see it all and guard the sensitive parts of your business.

Payroll and Attendance Management

It’s important that your staff arrive in time to serve customers or perform their duties to your business. That is how your business will move forward. Attendance management feature can help you keep track of the of your staff’s resumption and closing with a biometric device.

Payroll entails a lot of moving part, might be too much to handle for a manual process. A great deal of automation is required to achieve the right kind of accuracy. With StoreApp, payroll is a breeze. You can easily calculate payroll that is based on attendance or some custom setting.

Save cost on your payroll with an integrated attendance system

With StoreApp payroll system, you either gain from an increased staff productivity (because your staff now spend the expected amount of time at work) or save cast on payroll expenses, when your staff come late or are absent from work.

Manage bonuses and deductions with ease

When a staff member does something thing that is note worthy, you can act immediately by recording a respective bonus or deduction the will execute in the next or future payroll.

Define when different group of your staff come in/out

With StoreApp attendance group and shift management system, you can categorise your staff into separate group and define the time in/out for each group of staff.

Easy calculation of pension and payee tax

StoreApp payroll comes with an integrated pension and payee calculator. You can either set fixed rates or have the system automatically calculate the deductibles.

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