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Gain more with flexible pricing options.

Unlimited pricing options

Good pricing keeps you ahead of your competitors and gets your customers coming back. We understand that and so we have provided several price models to allow you really stay ahead of the game by being versatile enough for your range of customers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pricing on StoreApp - whether it is a special pricing, promo, wholesale or special customers’ price, we've got you covered.

Price Level - Flexible Bulk Pricing.

This feature allows you to give incentive to customers based on the quantity of items they purchase. It is also an easy way to define your bulk/pack prices. A product can have as many price levels as you want; it only requires you to input the desired information on the quantity and the discounted price qualified for bulk/pack pricing and see the price drop automatically when sales hit the set quantity at the point of sales.

Examples & some use cases

Store discounts / Promo - This feature can be used to store general discounts of select products that can be applied automatically when the set quantity/product is purchased.

Pack / Bulk Pricing - Use with products that come in packs or allow bulk discount on selected items.

Price profile

Price profile allows you to define a different price for a product under a separate profile. You can create as many profiles as required. You can manage price profiles effortlessly by setting automated prices that is based on discount or mark up on cost price / selling price, and restrict this to a segment of your store - either a department, category, manufacturer, brand or a selection of products.

Examples & some use cases

Special Customer / VIP Promos - You can set special pricing for different customer groups, like, other retailers, company / organizations, VIP customers or members of your staff.

Flexible Wholesale / Special Pricing - You use price profile to define special / wholesale prices that are not based on quantity purchased. These prices are usually targeted towards selected customers.

Outlet price - You can also use this price option to create designated price for one or more outlets under your business, as your customers across various outlets don’t have the same purchasing power.

Wholesale pricing - Fixed bulk pricing

Wholesale defines a quantity of product packed as a single unit – think of it as an unbreakable carton / pack of items. Wholesale is similar to price level but differs in terms of flexibility; it defines the bulk price of an item and is only available on a separate sales interface.

Examples & some use cases

Quantity Based Wholesale - Since wholesale items are packed as a single unit, it is useful when you have an exclusive wholesale arm of your store that sells product at the set price and quantities.

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