Hotel Management

Manage reservations, guests, check in/out.

The most important part of running an hospitality outfit like an hotel or guesthouse is satisfaction. Having an effective management systems that can help make operation run more smoothly will enable you to achieve this goal.

You can cut down the time you spend on manual tasks, ultimately make significant time savings across every area of your business, as a result boosting your staff’s productivity and guest satisfaction.

Our system is fully integrated with hotel lock system which makes easy to control access to your facilities.

and includes the following features:

  • Advance Rooms and Guests management system.
  • Smart Front-desk operations.
  • Keep track of house-keeping and room maintenance.
  • Improve guest check-in and check-out experience with access control (Fully integrated with the hotel lock swipe card to access the rooms).
  • An integrated point of sale for your restaurant, bar and mini mart.
  • Manage the inventory of room consumables.
  • Manage your kitchen with a fully functional system.
  • Manage external sales channels.


  • Rooms Management
  • Guest Management
  • Front-desk / Reservation
  • Check-in/out
  • House-keeping
  • Access control
  • Kitchen

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