Medical History

Keep an up-to-date log of your patients' health.

Good medical record management leads to better care for your patients

For health professionals, good medical records are essential for the continuity of quality care of your patients. Medical records constitutes an array of health information that are captured as a result of interaction with your patients.

You can register your patients with ease and capture all the information required to deliver the utmost care and increase revenue for your business.

We have created an array of information that can be captured from patients care, this allows you to easily capture health information under the appropriate information group for later accessment.


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Structured Record

Capture organized records so that patient's care is easy.

Your patient's record are grouped under these categories to improve efficiency.


Medical History

Historical data like allergies, surgical history etc., a record of past events and circumstances that are relevant to a patient's current state of health.

Health Record

This refers to the information capture from consultation and appointments. They are information such diagnosis, medication, treatment procedures, test results, etc. essentially notes from every visits.

Follow-up Information

These are usually post treatment information to record how patients respond to care. One example of such information is patient’s reaction to medication.

Keeping appointments shouldn't be a difficult thing.

Schedule Appointments

Your can schedule future appointments for your patients when necessary. The system will notify you of a future appointment in good time before it is due.

View patient profiles

Search and view patient profiles, including their medical history and health records easily, either to review their health records prior to an appointment or to deliver care during an appointment.

Manage Consultations

Create consultation so that you can attach related medical records to one single visit that can be view together under patients profile.

Features at a glance

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