Inventory Management

A very structured inventory management system.

Manage your inventory with a structured system.

Inventory control is at the core of our system. With our multi-store multi-outlet approach, you can conveniently manage multiple stores within an outlet as well as multiple outlets within your business. StoreApp features two store types - the warehouse and shop.

Your warehouse is primarily for storing items that are not currently on display or in your shop. You can make it the primary location of new purchases until they are moved to the shop where they can be sold. You can sell from the shop as it defines what's on display or in your shop at any time. Your items are also returned to the shop when they are refunded.

In a bid to ensure that your business is protected against over-stocking and under-stocking, we have included an Auto Stock Level feature that allows you to easily generate stock levels - reorder / order quantities for all of your products at a click of a button. You can now maximise your return on investment by keeping an up-to-date inventory.

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Ordering / Purchasing new Stocks

You shouldn't run out of Stocks

With StoreApp, there are a couple of tools available to you to ensure you always have the right quantity of all items.

Manage your suppliers list.

You certainly would have a list of regular supplier that supplies some of your items. StoreApp allows you to maintain a proper record of your suppliers to enable your keep track of your transactions with them including their accounts and ledgers.

Generate out-of-stock list.

You can easily generate out-of-stock list with StoreApp. You can also automatically generate order to your suppliers or for market purchase and stock only required items for your inventory.

Generate orders to your suppliers.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine the right quantity of items to order, you can easily generate orders by leveraging on the system’s ability to suggest quantity of items based on their performance.

Enter new purchases with ease.

Entering your purchase has never been easier, StoreApp allows you to simultaneously make transfers of your items while you post, either to other stores or outlets. The account part is also taken care of as you can track the payment of unpaid or partially paid invoices after entering your purchase.

Monitor the age of your stocks.

Visibility into how long some of your products have spent in your store will play an important role in determining how you stock your products in the future. StoreApp lets you know the age of your inventory items so that you can make maximize your space and increase profit.

Set stock levels automatically.

Stock levels like reorder and regular quantities are an important part of your inventory as they protect you from over-stocking or under-stocking your items. With StoreApp you can ensure up-to-date stock levels every time, because you can update stock level for all items at a click of a button.

Resolve Stock Issues

Take easy measures for correction stock error make sure that you have an up-to-date inventory always.

Easy stock counting with location

Ensuring the integrity of your inventory by conducting a regular stock count is essential for protecting one of your major assets. That’s why we have made it easy to count your stocks. StoreApp allows you to structure your store into compartments so that it’s easy to count your stocks without closing shop.

Make adjustments for discrepancies

Having discrepancies in your stocks is normal, especially when you have to deal with expired or damaged items etc, you can make adjustments to your stocks to resolve these discrepancies.

Track inventory of all products

When there are issues, you would need to be able to zero in and analyse the activities of a particular stock. You can track your entire inventory as a whole or a particular item.

Complete Stock Control

Multiple Stores and Outlets.

It is important that your physical arrangement be replicated on the system. With the ability to manage multiple stores and outlets, you can ensure accuracy of your inventory records.

Manage multiple stores and outlets

Transfer products between stores and outlets.

StoreApp allows you to transfer stocks between stores and outlets seamlessly. It also features automations that includes predictive analysis in your transfer. Simply put, StoreApp can inform you of the quantity of stock required in any of your outlets.

Generate transfer products to your outlets.

Managing multiple outlets can be quite hard, you most certainly can’t remember how your items are doing in all of your outlets to determine the right transfer quantity. With StoreApp, you can transfer to all of your outlets at the same time. You can also allow the system suggest the right transfer quantity and save you some time and stress.

Features at a glance

Here's all Inventory Management features

Stock Purchases

Supply Tracking

Stock Counting

Stock Adjustment

Stock Tracker

Multi-Store Inventory

Multi-Outlet Inventory

Store / Outlet Transfer

Reorder List

Auto Stock level

Order Generation

Expiry Tracking