Pricing Plans

Two Pricing Options for your Convenience

You have the freedom to choose the best plan for your business. All our plans offer great value.

StoreApp Pricing

Go big or start small, the choice is yours!

You can start with what's convenient and gradually ease into what's perfect for you.

Annual Plan

A highly subsidized payment plan suitable for businesses willing to try StoreApp or pay the lowest possible price in a single year. On this plan, you pay every year for as long as you continue to use StoreApp. You can switch to the one-time plan at anytime.


One-time Plan

This plan is suitable for businesses who plan to pay up-front for the use of StoreApp. On this plan you plan once and for all. Discount is also available on this plan based on certain conditions.

Flexible, fair pricing.

Because every businesses need access to solution based on requirements, so we give you the option to decide how much you pay.

Basic Business

All the required features that make any business run.

Point of Sale

Point of sale that is beautiful, flexible, and powerful.

Inventory Management

A very structured inventory management system.

Account Management

Keep your books/business in perfect shape.

Advance Inventory

A very structured inventory management system.

Customer Loyalty

Keep your customer coming for more business.

Price Profile

Gain more with flexible pricing options.

Wholesale Pricing

Gain more with flexible pricing options.

Payroll & Attendance

Increase staff productivity and saved costs.

Production Management

Manage your production from start to finish.

Medical History

Keep an up-to-date log of your patients' health.

Laboratory Management

Manage tests and results without stress.

Hospital Management

In-patient, out-patient and ward management

Hotel Management

Manage reservations, guests, check in/out.

Support and Maintenance Plans

We are committed to help grow your business while providing support al the way.


Regular update • Knowledge base - • Online support (Telephone, chat) • Remote connection • From 8am – 6pm, Mon – Sat. • Physical support attracts charges when required.



Regular update • Knowledge base - • Online support (Telephone, chat) • Remote connection • Anytime necessary • Physical support attracts charges when required.



Standard maintenance • Physical support • Hardware and network infrastructure maintenance and servicing (Troubleshooting, System formatting, driver installation, excl. hardware cost)


* For support and maintenance, please note that our annual plan comes with basic maintenance; However, for the one-time plan, Support and maintenance is free for the first year after which at-least, basic support is required.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Is one-time really one-time?

Yes. For One-time plan, you get to pay for StoreApp one time only for a lifetime. There are no additional future payments. However, at-least the Basic Maintenance at ₦20,000.00 is required from the second year.

What is the Yearly plan?

This plan is suitable for start-up businesses with high volume transaction. A fixed amount is expected to be paid annually to continue to use StoreApp. Includes with basic support & maintenance yearly.

For how long do I continue to pay yearly?

When you choose the annual plan, you continue to pay the annual subscription for as long as you continue to use StoreApp to manage your business. You can switch to the one-time plan at anytime.

Why is Support & Maintenance Required?

Through Support and Maintenance, we are able to fulfil our promise of prompt response to support requests and regular updates to keep your business up-to-date with latest business trends.

Are there any other fees?

There no additional fees. However, we offer other value added services such as the Online Cloud Service, E-commerce Service, Online Backup which come at an additional cost, but these fees are not mandatory, you only pay when you subscribe.

What if I have or open another outlet?

Customers who have multiple outlet will need to purchase separate licenses for all of their outlets, they can choose different features for each outlet. They will also required our multi-outlet service to connect these outlets for effective central management (this service requires internet).