Security & Fraud Detection

Extra layer of protection for your Business.

Continuous monitoring and deeper visibility for your business.

One of the major benefit of using an automated system like StoreApp is the control and visibility it provides into the various activities of your business. This allows you to identify the vulnerable parts of your business and implement controls that keeps you protected.

Role based access control

By restricting users access based on their role in your company, you can protect sensitive data from improper use, alteration, or deletion. With StoreApp, your employees can access only the resources they need to fulfill their responsibilities.

User manager.. User specific roles.

As the number of employees increases, it can be difficult to assign unique set of roles for each employee.

User groups are Role-specific templates that are designed to easily assign roles without adding administrative overhead. By pre-defining roles for the various user groups, you can simplify roles assignments when you replace or employ new staff.

User groups are also the ideal way of managing user access across multiple outlets, because it allows you to pre define roles that can be assigned by local managers.

Control everything with authorization

StoreApp comes with several authorization measures that ensures that appropriate checks and balances are in place to help you prevent stealing or fraud from happening.

You can authorize refunds, bank payments & every none-cash transactions.


  • Access rights for access
  • Checks and balances

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