Customer & Loyalty

Keep your customer coming for more business.

A good customer relations is important to any business as your customers have direct impact on your revenue and profit. This is why it good to maintain a record of your customers, especially the regular ones.

With effective customer management, you can increase your revenue significantly. Attract new customers and keep them coming back with our integrated loyalty & reward program. Also build customer relationship with credit facilities within limits.

With StoreApp, you can easily maintain a database of our customers, keep track of their transactions, manage their accounts and ledgers, and ultimately measure their contribution to your business.

Maintain an updated record of your customers.

StoreApp allows you to keep an updated list of all of your customers. From the point of registry, you can start tracking their respective transactions and contribution to your revenue and profit. You can categorise your customers under different demography which will allow you further analyse their records and identify potential sales streams for your business.

Keep your customers coming back with loyalty / reward program

You can increase repeat business with loyalty and reward program. Your customers can earn sales points which can be used as discount on future sales. The points earned can also be used across multiple outlets.

Extend credit to your VIPs

You can extend credit sales to your most valuable customers. StoreApp allows you to set credit limits and account validity for each customer to prevent the abuse of this privilege. You can extend this credit based on customer track record and established relationship.

Register new customers at the Point of sale

You can register new customers at the point of sale during checkout and easily build your customer database with ease.

See which customer is making the most impact

StoreApp include report that can help you further analyse customers’ impact to your business. You can make better decision with this level of visibility.

Manage a central list across multiple outlets

StoreApp allows you to maintain a central database of our customer that is accessible across multiple outlets. Once a customer is registered in one outlet, they can conduct business with you in any of your outlets.

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