Point of Sale

Point of sale that is beautiful, flexible, and powerful.

Every business deserves an intuitive, fast and easy-to-use user interface for a point of sale. StoreApp has an intuitive point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers without creating unnecessary queue and retain their loyalty to your store.

Sellling should be fast and easy. Having an efficient Point of Sale system allows you to create an impressive first impression of your business to your customers, especially since this is where you start interracting with most of your customers.

StoreApp connects well with the most popular point of sale equipment and hardware such as; printers, barcode scanners, display poles etc., and tracks all forms of payment.

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Make a Lasting Impression

A Point of sale that is smart and robust at the same time giving your staff and customer the best experience.

Search with keywords and barcode.

You can find items easily typing a part of the keywords or by scanning their barcode, its that easy. You can create custom barcodes for your packed items or items without barcode.

Layaway and recall items easily.

You don’t have to hold the line when your customers delay sales for any reason, you can simple lay items away and attend to other customers, and then recall layaway items when they are ready. Layaway items are kept safe till you recall or remove them.

Accept multiple forms of payment.

StoreApp allows you to accept multiple forms of payment, even for a single transaction. Your customers can choose what form of payment is convenient for them when they buy from you. whether its cash, card, bank or credit etc, all forms of payment are acceptable.

Automated sales tax calculation.

StoreApp offers a way to track the taxable items and automatically calculate your sales tax for remittance. You can determine which item is taxable, set the tax rate, and set how you want to calculate tax - inward or outward calculation. You can also keep track of how you remit the tax to the respective agencies.

Authorise key functions.

StoreApp includes various checks and authorisation measure that can be activated to ensure you business is always protected against rouge staff and fraudulent actions.

Process refund and exchange.

You can process refund of items sold and let StoreApp automatically handle the inventory and account parts. The refund process also includes the appropriate checks and authorisation to enforce the appropriate checks and protect your business.

Product Packages

Package and sell multiple items.

Create package of different or same products that can be sold to your customers as a whole.


Wholesales allows you to offer your retail items in packs of the same product. The entire pack is sold as a single unit. You can set multple pack (with different) quanities for a single product.

Hampers / Packages

Packed products are a nice ways to combine multiple items to be sold as a single unit (ex. Hampers) you can easily create packed products to offer more value to your customers. You can also unpack these items at any time when it is necessary.

Generate invoices before sales - perfect for

You can generate pre-sales invoices that can later be converted to sales. This can be useful in a pharmacy where products are selected by professionals before interaction with the cashier, also in wholesale store, where multiple process usually precede the sales of items, like packing, checking, etc.


Additional tools for big suppliers
distributors wholesalers.

In wholesale stores, it is important to check sales items for accuracy. StoreApp comes with an interface where you can recheck and recount sales items before the are finally shipped to out of your warehouse or store.

Features at a glance

Here's all Point of Sale features

Barcode & search

Presale & profoma

Split payment


Sales of products

Sales of services

Bulk pricing

Agent sales

Cost of sales

Dispensary tracking

delivery tracking

Negative sales


Sales tax - VAT

Integrated stock request

Check & recount products

Till control

cash evacuation


Print options